Each project I create is bigger the the one before it.  I'm not sure of there's a limit to this trend, but i'm going to keep going until I find out.

The 3D Printed Vehicle started as an attempt to do something that everyone knew was impossible, Create a fully printed working chassis.  There are lots of groups that claim they have '3D Printed Car'.  Usual this means they used an industrial 3D Printer to create the bodywork and then attached it to the frame of a Mazda Miata.  

I wanted to see what was possibly for one person with limited funds using only desktop printers. 

Working by myself with two MakerBot Replicators, this project took about 4 months and almost 40 kg (70 pounds) of plastic.  The chassis was built outward, starting with the parts I considered most likely to fail, the Differentials and CV Joints.  

None of the running parts ever failed.  And most of them are printed at 10% infill.  

  • Large Scale Desktop 3D Printing
  • 3D Printed Gearing
  • 3D Printed Bearings
  • 3D Printed CV Joints

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