Wired UK, May 2011, p 63

Have you ever wanted a Gothic Cathedral of your very own? 

Are you intimidated by the centuries long construction schedule, and the punishing job requirements of being a European Bishop during the Dark Ages? 

Then We Have a Thing For YOU! 
The Gothic Cathedral Play Set! 

The Gothic Cathedral Playset was my first contribution to the Desktop 3D Printing Community.  

At the time, desktop 3D Printers were barely  a curiosity, and very few working printers existed. The community was trapped in a loop, trying to build machines that would duplicate the capabilities of professional equipment.  

The cathedral was created to show off what was possible right now with the Desktop 3D Printers that already existed, at to get the community to stop focusing on what they couldn't do yet.

Winter 2010

  • Early Desktop 3d Printing Project

Download from Thingiverse:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2030