Ever wish you could convert some of that youthful energy into something a bit more useful? Well using the MakerBot Dynamo now you can!
The MakerBot Dynamo is worlds first opens-source, human powered, energy creation device!
Just crank the handle to create real, honest, hardworking electricity.
How do you know its working? Well there's an LED that lights up or course! See your effort in action as it's converted from motion to electricity to light!
And if a LED not exciting enough for you, just think of all the other wonderful things you can power, one hand crank at a time. 


The MakerBot Dynamo was an experiment in selling 3D Printed content.

The files for the Dynamo where freely downloadable from thingiverse, and a parts kit containing the motor, LED's and Hardware was available for sale in the MakerBot Online Store. 

Fall 2011

  • Education
  • Mechanical Design

Download it from Thingiverse:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13820