Do you think the Politicians have it all Wrong? Is your Mayor a Bumbling Idiot? Are your local City Planers out to kill you?

Well now you can prove them all wrong! Demonstrate your city building mettle with the Sim City 2000 Tabletop Play Set!

All the Thrills of being a real City Planner, without the boring environmental impact statements.

But Watch Out! Disaster can Strike at any moment! The Devastation of the Spilled Coffee Flood! The Clean-Up Alien from the In-law's House! The Horror Of the Attacking 1000 foot 3-Year-Old!

Build, Destroy, Rebuild. 

I created The Sim City Play Set from my memories of playing Sim City 2000 as a child. 

The Playset was my primary tool for teaching people about 3D Printing before joining MakerBot.

Winter 2010

  • Architecture
  • Playset

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