You put your foot down, the Detroit V8 responds. With a throaty growl, power meets road. The Buick accelerates.

The stars are on display tonight. The sky envelopes you. The convertible sails over the dark road.

You hug close, keeping warm in the chilly air. Two adventurers riding into the stars that go on forever.

You put your foot down. The V8 responds.

Welcome to the Space Age...

 A miniature Space Age Radio trinket created as a give away for Lapham's Quarterly's 2013 Decades Ball.

The Ball's theme was 1950, an optimistic decade of exploration, discovery, and design.  The Space Age was in full swing and anything was possible.  

We created 500 of these 3D Printed radio trinkets to included in the gift bags.


Spring 2013

  • Snap-fit assembly
  • Medium scale production (500)

Download from Thingiverse: