Every budding Mad Scientist needs a Minion. 

Want to laser your name into the moon? Minion will help. Looking for a volunteer to test your new shrink ray? Minion can do that. Need a distraction while you escape? Thats Minion's job.

Others may call you crazy, but Minion will always believe in you.

  • Four Servo Walk Cycle
  • Arduino Mini-Pro
  • 9g Servo
  • 2.4ghz Remote control

The Minions are simple Bipedal Robotic Walkers built around a simple principle, if its cute, people well be amused when it falls over.   

Created for the 2012 Kansas City Maker Faire The Minions are powered by an Arduino Microcontroller and inexpensive servomotors.  The Minions wander through a 3d printed cityscape, learning the building stomping skills in today's competitive supervillian marketplace.

Summer 2012

Download from Thingiverse:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25470