Formlabs Tiny Television

Long ago in a place called suburbia, science fiction offered a future where anyone with fishbowl and a raygun could be a spaceman. The heros were good, the villains were evil, and the rockets had style. Propelled across the galaxy by plutonium and a can do-attitude, adventure was limited only by your imagination.

The Tiny TV is inspired by the Philco Predicta, an iconic if flawed hallmark of the 1950’s, and concept art by Dave Schultze. Built around a 2” LCD display from Adafruit, the Tiny TV was printed on the Form 1+ in Formlabs clear resin. The front lens was polished clear, and the body was sanded and painted. It works best when paired with hottest coming attractions of the 1950’s.

The Tiny Television was created in collaboration with Formlabs as part of a study into their outgoing marketing channels.